Marissa Cobuzio: Reflection after Feminist Camp NYC

Reflecting back on my trip, I cannot help but feel so grateful for everything the week gave to me. To begin, spending a week surrounded by strong, determined, and understanding women really inspired me. I grew up surrounded by strong women, but to meet so many of them close to my age who are determined to change the course of our nation and help solve some major areas of injustice is incredible. I got to meet women from other schools across the country and even the world, and I know I have definitely made some feminist friends I can reach out to in the future!

Further, Feminist Camp has been instrumental in my career planning. The course through Rollins and the focus of the camp itself was designed to help campers begin to network and learn necessary career skills. One morning we spent time talking to the on general career advice and then had a resume workshop. The resume workshop was very helpful because I plan on applying to internships in the near future. The course helped me to fine-tune my resume to give me the best chance for an internship acceptance.

The networking portion of this trip was by far the most outstanding and exciting career-oriented part of the trip. We got to meet several incredible organizations dedicated to helping women, girls, and other marginalized groups. Amy and Carly, who ran the camp, know so many people all over NYC and were able to connect the campers to organizations’ leaders who had similar passions. Now that we’ve “graduated,” we are the alumni email list and will get emailed job opportunities as they come along. Even better, we get to have Amy and Carly as references if we ever apply to jobs in NYC, which is incredibly helpful.

Overall this experience is something that will absolutely stick out when I think of my four years at Rollins, and I am so lucky to have been able to be the first group that attended the camp.

This was when we had lunch at Amy’s house! The woman all the way to the right was one of my roommates, Caroline, who recently graduated from Tulane.

This was taken at my mini-internship at Sanctuary for Families. The women to my right and left were other attendees of the Feminist Camp.

This picture was taken after a meeting we had with a philanthropy called the Third Wave Fund.

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