Will Benedict | Final Blogpost

Through this experience at the Mayflower I don’t believe there is much that should be changed for this course and especially for the weekly visits to the Mayflower. It is apparent that our partners have enjoyed this experience immensely and that even a waiting list has begun to start. Looking back it is really nice to see that not only was I able to teach Nancy Harvey, but we became close and enjoyed one another’s company. I came into this experience expecting to be able to get a long with my partner, but I did not expect to have so much in common with my partner nor did I think a more social based relationship would develop over the “teacher-student relationship”.

Being perfectly honest I think I got lucky, Nancy was already very proficient in using technology and if I wasn’t there I knew her husband Dave would be able to help her out. Another thing I noticed was that I believe older generations value the idea of privacy more than we do. It was clear that going through this process with Nancy that privacy was a large issue, something that made her use an alias on facebook. It made me think about how much information I actually shared on the internet and how big of a presence I’ve created for myself.

Because of what I’ve learned from Nancy I am now changing my privacy settings on Facebook and other social media and maybe I wont go as far as creating an alias, but becoming more private would probably be a smarter thing to do. Maybe it is too late, but I’m happy Nancy was able to realize I shouldn’t be sharing as much information as I am now.

Morgan Eustis-Final Mayflower Post

As the Mayflower project wraps up, I am overwhelmed with emotion. I think it was the most impactful trip to the Mayflower yet, because I knew I was not going to be coming back for awhile. I luckily got to meet up with both of my partners, Karen and Ruth. I was so overjoyed that they were both there for the final meeting. Before we parted, Karen handed me and Molly gifts. She gave us candy, a starbucks gift card, but above all, a mug that she got from Boston – a sacred part of her blue and white collection. I knew how much each piece meant to her and therefore I felt so honored that she gave it to me. As I reflect back on my previous visits to the Mayflower, I can tell how nervous and uncertain I was in some of my previous posts. It was a new friendship that slowly formed over the bond of technology. However, as each visit progressed, it is clear that the relationship progressed just as quickly. It is amazing that within one semester I was able to form a bond that felt like second family. I think that what I learned from this experience was that there is always something you can learn from someone else, and the best way to do that is to listen to someone who has experienced life in a completely different perspective than you have. At the beginning, I thought I was just going to meet someone and teach them what I know about technology – I never could have guessed going into this project that it was going to be this meaningful to me, and that I would form such a strong relationship.

As for this project as a whole, I think my best piece of advice would be to absolutely keep doing this. This made adjusting to college easier and it was something to look forward to every Wednesday. It was a learning experience unlike any other and there are not many times in our lives in which we would be given an opportunity to work with older adults. If there is anything to be changed I would say maybe more time with our partners, if thats even possible. Regardless of the short time frame we were able to accomplish many things but there is definitely so much more we could’ve accomplish if we had the time. Thank you Jonathan for doing this project with our RCC because it was a very meaningful one for us!

Last Mayflower Post~ Cassidy Cason

This week we concluded our visits to the Mayflower. It is actually saddening thinking about that was the last time I will be able to conveniently visit the Maraios. The discussion we had with everyone on our last visit was interesting and it was heart warming to hear all the connections my peers made with the residents in the Mayflower. I was glad to know that my classmates also formed deep relationships with the residents. I appreciated learning about Hannah and Kennedy’s relationship with their partners and how they played games together after their relationship grew. I am excited to continue my relationship with Bob and Linda next semester. In fact, we will be going to lunch on Wednesday for an end of the semester treat.

One of the misconceptions I had going into this experience was that it would be awkward talking to someone in a different generation because we would not have many things in common or the same interests. Now I am aware of how incorrect I was. In fact, Bob and I have the same passion for sports and we cared about what occurred in each others’ lives. One thing I would tell next year’s RCC class is feel comfortable with the Mayflower residents and be open with their lives because the residents are interested in learning what we do and what matters to our generation. I would also recommend that they ask questions to the residents of the Mayflower because they are significantly wiser than us and have been in similar situations to what we are facing. There were numerous times that Bob helped me. And there was so much I learned from Bob through his stories. I learned about technology and how things have changed, as well as more about Bob’s lifestyle and how he was raised.

Overall, I am so thankful for this experience. Big thanks to Bob, Linda, Dr. Miller, and Jana for making this all happen.

Mayflower Final Blog Post – Sami Kirberg

Arriving at the Mayflower Retirement Community on Wednesday morning it was a special day because this was the last time our class would visit our partners. The whole class was anxious to see what was going to be prepared for us this week from our partners. Surprising enough we were taken to the hall we met a few weeks ago to see a circle of chairs for us to be seated next to our classmates and residents to discuss the memories and things we have learned from our times at the Mayflower for the past semester. Going around asking for everybody’s experiences and what they have learned from their partners, which was heartwarming to say the least. The differences in the perspectives in the students from the first week compared to now is exponential. So many things were learned and taught from both sides of the spectrum and it seemed like everyone involved enjoyed the overall experience. If I had to change anything in the experience I would integrate a way of sharing with other members of the Mayflower, because I feel like I didn’t know the other residents. All of them seemed like they all had their own interesting backgrounds to themselves and it would’ve brought together the whole community if we did more with each other rather than just being with your partner for the most part. Overall the experience at the Mayflower will always be a special memory and I appreciate our professor Dr. Miller for allowing us to have this eye opening experience.

My experience has been a special one I must admit, I haven’t learned as many technological tricks as I thought I would have in the beginning. What I did learn was that I could create a relationship with someone regardless of having to be related to them or their friend. Mr. and Mrs. Greatwood were a great couple to have as well as admiring how special their backgrounds were the more I got to know them. At first it was a little bit of a more formal meeting with our partners but by the end of this last week we can comfortably approach and greet each other like we have known each other for years.

My Time With the Incredible Anna Neville – Terri Crowell

Anna has become such a good friend to me and I will never forget our time together. In fact, I plan on visiting her until she grows tired of me. We have had such a good time preparing her program on Iceland and I’ve been able to learn so much about her and her country. She makes fabulous cookies and has amazing taste in crackers. She’s unbelievably tender hearted and I’m so blessed to have had this opportunity. Our time together was never focused around the class – once we got together we would go off on our mission and time flew by so fast. We had so much fun and I’m so grateful I was placed in this RCC because I would’ve never been able to meet her and share these experiences if it weren’t for this class.

I definitely think this experience should be shared again. After Anna’s program, I was able to interact with many of the Mayflower residents and they kept asking me how I could get them into it because they were so excited. A lot of people have projects they’re focused on, like Anna, and they’d really be able to use the help given to them by Rollins students. What’s great about this experience is that it isn’t purely focused on the task – it gives two people from completely different worlds the ability to learn and grow from each other. In my mind it’s the ultimate global citizenship experience that Rollins stands for.

Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity and my incredible friend!


The Power of Goodbye ~Kennedy Butler

When we first told that our class was going to visit the Mayflower once a week and be assigned to someone and help assist them with any technology problems that they may have, I wasn’t all too sure what to expect. I mean I have visited a retirement community before, but no two are the same. The Mayflower is such a beautiful, welcoming environment that made it a pleasure to visit every time we did. On the first day, we were assigned our partners and that is when I first met Ray. Right away we were friends and then when I met Sally, she was one of the nicest people that I met. As the weeks went on I became acquainted with Ray and Sally and we all became friends. Throughout the semester, Hannah and I helped Ray and Sally with any technology questions that they had. For instance, one week we helped Ray with the GPS on his IPad, while another week we helped Sally with her camera and her Facebook page using the messenger part.
Reflecting upon my time at the Mayflower, I have noted many things about my experience there. For starters, I have seen how much I have grown as a person and how much more I have learned not only about myself, but the world in general. I found that not only do I have more to learn about technology, but there is much more in life than materialistic items. It’s the things that we experience when we go out and explore the world. By spending time with Ray and Sally they both talked about what they have witnessed throughout the years and what they have learned from it. They then gave Hannah and I excellent life advice. I learned that it’s good to go out and see the world any chance I can. There are numerous opportunities out there just waiting to be discovered.
The advice that I would give about going to the Mayflower is nothing at all negative. It was a learning experience for both parties involved. What I suggest should be changed is the amount of times we visited the Mayflower. I would have loved to go more times to the Mayflower throughout the semester. That is the only change that I recommend, other than that I thought everything else ran smoothly. Nothing else should be changed, but instead kept the same. Partaking in this activity is something that every college student should do because it was an enlightening experience. I hope to continue visit Ray and Sally because they are both such a delight and it was a pleasure getting to know them.

Last Visit to the May Flower – Peter Haddad

Peter Haddad
RCC: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
2 December 2016
The Last Visit to the May Flower: Maybe Not the Last?
My experience at the May Flower as a whole was very exciting and thrilling, in the sense that I did not know if I would have my original partner each time or not. Throughout my experience at the May Flower, I learned quite a few tasks based off of technology. I used to help my next-door neighbor with his computer and printer all of the time, and I felt that this experience was similar to what I did with my neighbor. However, I managed to learn a thing or two on how to work a computer in a different way, and I am a computer science major so I think that this experience was knowledgeable. I also learned quite some interesting facts about a general at the May Flower, which was my partner on the days that my main partner was not there. My perception of the older generations did not change from spark day, the first day at the May Flower. It was interesting because most people would think that all of the older generations would not know a single thing about technology, but the general knew a lot. He had his own apple watch, and IPad where he even knew how to play games on it. So, I find it interesting that some of the people from the older generation know a little, and how some know a lot. My overall experience at the May Flower was definitely unforgettable, in a good way, and I would suggest to my professor to do it again! It was a great experience for a first-year class at Rollins College, and definitely shows what the college is about.

Louis-Francois Charpentier Final post

I am very grateful to have been part of this RCC class. The experience that us students got from working with our partner at the Mayflower is something that is very special. We could not have had  lived this without you, Jonathan and Miss Ricci of the Mayflower. Thanks


I think that the program was well done. What I would change is that partnering up with more than one partner and other students could be beneficial. Sometimes, especially in the last meetings, we would not have a lot to do concerning technology. I think that in a group, we could bring more ideas on the table, find some help if we need some, and make the discussions more interactive. When I was with Peter and Mr. Raaen, we would help each other with the problems with his iPhone or printer and it was very effective.


I think that since August, I have become more interested and willing to hear about others, and our seniors. I think that I realized throughout the meetings with Mr. Raaen that there is always plenty of things to be told. People have so many stories to share and if only I can listen for a few minutes, I can get something out of it and make a connection with someone else. So, I guess I have become more thirsty for knowledge.

My relationship with my partner has changed from strictly professional to friends. I started as an IT help, then an interviewer, and then a person who I could share with my parter. We were talking about different topics towards the end of our time together, and it was easy to come up with some. I am glad to have spent time with Mr. Raaen and I truly and grateful to what he had to tell me, no matter the topic. I just think that sharing like we did in this class changes us for the better. We have become an active citizen in a community and we love to help others.

Saying our Farewells… For Now – Hannah Gonzalez

There was a lot to think about during and after our last visit to the Mayflower. I could not imagine working at a place other than the Mayflower in this class, and I think it’s a very good fit. I especially liked getting to meet a bunch of residents before being matched with one in particular. I also liked the comfort of being in a pair with Kennedy and Ray while I worked with Sally. For those who are a bit nervous, perhaps they would be better working in a similar married pair. I think overall the experience was a positive one and I do not have complaints.

The first time we went to the Mayflower was during orientation in August. We were all understandably nervous as college freshmen who were still getting adjusted to the college in general, and to be brought to yet another new place to meet new people was intimidating. I think I have already grown exponentially from that day in August, as I have become more comfortable in my skin and working with new people. I have also made a connection that could relate to a parental relationship in nature when I go to college so far away from home (Massachusetts). More than just a connection through class, Sally and Ray gave us a space in their homes once a week to chat, play games, snack, and talk about what was going on in the world. Sally often said to me that she would do whatever would get me an A in the class, and I would have to tell her that there were no guidelines to what a grade would be for our community engagement like that. After a while though, I think we all grew more comfortable with this idea and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I think this is an opportunity that should be continued for many semesters to come.

Sydney Pultman- not saying “goodbye,” but rather, “see you later.”

Today, was very sentimental as it was my last visit to the Mayflower. Looking back at my experience, I am extremely happy with the connection my partner Beverly and I built. We bonded over our common interests of our hometown, technology, and family. She was a delight to work with as she was more than just a partner. She represented a feeling of home which was helpful while transitioning living away from my family.
I won’t lie, I did not expect elderly people to be so engaged and involved! My perception was based on my grandparents. My dad’s parents are in their late eighties, early nineties and can barely drive, walk and leave the house. Part of me associated all elderly people to be like this. However, I underestimated elderly people as Beverly is involved in the Mayflower chorus, drives a car and host parties in her apartment for her friends. She enlightens me to a whole new perception!
This course allowed me to be a teacher, role model, and friend. I felt like I was given the right amount of boundaries and leniency to know what I needed to accomplish during my time at the Mayflower.
I felt honored to be a part of the inaugural year. This was a unique experience and I am thrilled Rollins offers classes which allow community engagement. This was a positive experience and one I wish wouldn’t end. The one thing I would encourage would be to have a class field trip back to the Mayflower next seamster for a reunion.
I will dearly miss everyone at the Mayflower and hope to visit soon. Beverly and I view this experience as not saying “goodbye,” but rather, “see you later.” I hope to keep in contact with Beverly throughout my time at Rollins.  Peace out!