Final Visit to the Mayflower- Grace Marshall

The last visit to the Mayflower was definitely bittersweet, as I was disappointed that the semester was over and so was our Wednesday morning visits. I was happy though because I have made this wonderful relationship with Mrs. Greatwood, and I am excited to continue that relationship as I go through Rollins College. Mrs. Greatwood is one of the greatest people I have ever meet and I hope that we will continue to see each other. I have learned a lot, not only about technology but also about aging and myself just from theses visits and I am sad to see them end.
At our last visit, my RCC all got with their partners and sat in the Mayflower meeting room, where we reflected on our time together and what we learned. Each pair spoke about their partner and what they had learned from one another, but also just how grateful we all were for the other. Diane and I talked about the camcorder that Sami and I worked on for Mr. Greatwood, and then discussed how I helped Diane organize her pictures. But we discussed more than that. We talked about how we cherish the relationship that we’ve built and that it was beneficial to both of us.
Thanks to Rollins College and the Center for Community Engagement, I have built a bond with Diane that will last longer than just RCC. We are actually going to have breakfast together next week, and I am so very excited for that. I want to say that one of the reasons I love Rollins College is because they place importance on engaging the Winter Park community with their school, rather than just being focused on the college. An effort is clearly made to make a difference in the community, and without them, I never would have met Diane and I would never have the relationship I do now.

Second to Last Visit to the Mayflower – Sad Times. Grace Marshall

Last Wednesday was our second-to-last visit to the Mayflower, and it was definitely a somber one.  I have loved all of the visits we have taken to the Mayflower to see Mr. and Mrs. Greatwood and it is sad for me to think that our time there is coming to an end. I really hope that as the year goes on I still get to see the Greatwood’s and catch up with them. It is quite amazing that we have created these friendships, all while getting credits for a class, and that is one thing that I definitely love about Rollins College. The ability to integrate the community through our classes is an amazing benefit to the school I go to, and I definitely will look back on my RCC and my time with the Greatwood’s with a smile on my face.

This week we worked on organizing photos on the computer into a specific file, and then we also tried to figure out how to play a slideshow of photographs on their smart tv. It was definitely a challenge, as I both Mrs. Greatwood and I have struggled with these pictures and figuring out how to get them to order together. It was funny, because when I got to their apartment Mrs. Greatwood had told me that she and her friends had figured out how to do it, so most of it was pretty easy except when it came to playing them on the television. The Greatwood’s have one of those tv’s that can access the internet and do all of these fancy tricks, and I did not know how to use it. We managed to get the flash drive plugged into it and after spending twenty minutes with it, we finally figured out how it worked. This was something that Mrs. Greatwood had wanted to do for a couple weeks now, and so when we figured it out it was very rewarding. I am really going to miss my trips to the Mayflower, and I know that the next Wednesday we go will not be my last visit there, as I hope to continue my new relationship with the Greatwood’s as I cherish it very much.

Visit to the Mayflower- Grace Marshall

This week at the Mayflower, Sami and I visited the Greatwood’s and spent the morning with them talking about the events that unfolded the day before, along with helping them with the technology they had. We discussed politics, and after I helped Mrs. Greatwood organize photographs on her computer, from a trip she took to Asia. The photographs all needed to be renamed and reorder, and none of us knew how to do it other than the really tedious process of just sitting at the computer for hours and doing it by hand. I was definitely frustrating because you have to put them all in order, and then if even one is marked incorrectly it makes it so you have to go through and re-label them all.

While we were doing that, Mr. Greatwood needed help deactivating his Facebook. We helped him create one a couple weeks ago and he did not like it, so we deactivated it on Wednesday. I thought this was kind of funny because it seems as though recently many people want to deactivate their social media accounts, not just Mr. Greatwood. After we did all of this we said goodbye and it was mentioned that we only have a couple more visits left with them. It is really sad to consider this fact, as we all have grown to love each other and cherish the relationship we have created.  I know that I will miss our weekly visits, however, I hope that after RCC is over that we still get to see the friends we have made at the Mayflower and especially the Greatwood’s. They have made my Rollins experience so amazing, and it is crazy to think that other RCC’s do not have the privilege that ours has to go out into the community and actually form relationships outside just Rollins College.

Nov. 3 – Mayflower Visit with the Greatwood’s

This week at the Mayflower, I worked with Mr. and Mrs. Greatwood on the camcorder and how to use a different program to upload the videos. I was not very helpful in this department, as I was confused about the connection of the device, so I asked Sami to figure it out for me. It is really funny to see what I struggle with technological wise because lately, it seems that I have struggled with technical tasks that seem as though they would be easy.
As Sami helped Mr. Greatwood, Mrs. Greatwood showed me the new things that someone can do with the iPhone update. She said her grandkids taught her how to do them, and it is this new choice that allows the user to send texts with balloons, fireworks, or ever disappear. It was really cool, and I had absolutely no idea it even existed. After Mrs. Greatwood showed me the new development, she said to me “Now you can say I taught you something”, and I thought this was funny in that they both have already taught me so much. Spending my Wednesday mornings with Mr. and Mrs. Greatwood has been one of the highlights of my semester, and I get excited to talk to both of them and help them with their computers.
We have created this connection that goes deeper than just helping with technology, however. The Greatwood’s and I have developed a friendship, and in fact, we are going to go get dinner sometime soon with my parents (because I am just so local). I appreciated this relationship that my RCC has allowed me to have and create, and I hope that even after this semester that the relationship we have will continue on and I can continue to see Mrs. and Mr. Greatwood.

The Mayflower 10/20 – Dr. Bornstein ( Grace Marshall)

My visit to the Mayflower this week was different from the last couple visits. Instead of helping Mr. Greatwood and Mrs. Greatwood out with their technology, we all went down to the lobby and listened to Dr. Bornstein, the first and so far, the only, woman president of Rollins College. Dr. Bornstein talked with all of us on what the importance of a Liberal Arts education is, and what it does for the students in the future. Rollins College is one of the best liberal arts schools in the nation, and the best liberal arts college in the South East. These recognitions are largely from the help of Dr. Bornstein, and many of her predecessors.
Mrs. Greatwood and I were sitting next to each other during the presentation, and she told me that she too got a liberal arts degree. While sitting down she turned to me and asked why I believe in the Liberal Arts education is good, as it was obvious I believed this for I am going to a small school and planning on majoring in history. I told Mrs. Greatwood that I believe the type of education that focuses on a wide range of subjects and teaches you to think prepares people more for the real world rather than a technical education does. What I believed went right alongside what Dr. Bornstein discussed about the type of education, where school teaches someone critical thinking and adaptability.
I believe both Mrs. Greatwood and I appreciated what Dr. Bornstein had to say about the topic, and were intrigued in her perspective of the matter. Next week, we go back into the Greatwood’s home to help with the computer, and I am really glad that I have this relationship with them and lucky to have them in my life.

The Camcorder, Privacy, and Hurricane Matthew – 10/12

This Wednesday when I visited the Mayflower, Mrs. Greatwood had me help Mr. Greatwood with his camcorder again. They both wanted to make sure that they knew what they were doing and wanted to show Sami and me to make sure they would not forget. The computer screen popped up with something new this time, and it ended up duplicating all of the photographs that Mr. Greatwood was trying to upload. This became a challenge to deal with, as everything took ten times longer to step through than necessary. However, because it took so long we had loads of time to talk to Mr. and Mrs. Greatwood about their week.

When Hurricane Matthew struck the Mayflower, the Greatwoods both said they were barely affected. Water got in the windows and that was it, but no power was lost or anything dangerous. Besides the hurricane, which was a large portion of our conversation, the Greatwoods, Sami, and I all discussed the reasons people use Facebook. Mr. Greatwood seems skeptical of the entire website, and both Mr. and Mrs. Greatwood agree that there is a too much information being shared. The lack of privacy from other users, companies, and Facebook itself prompted a conversation about covering webcams on computers. Mrs. Greatwood shared with us both an incident in which someone was watched through their webcam, and that people should make an effort to cover them. This was surprising for me to hear, as I have always known about the public fear of privacy protection, but never thought about its implications.

When the camcorder finished uploading Mr. Greatwood showed me how to do it, and he did it perfectly. The Greatwood’s gave Sami and I another project to do, however, and that is to figure out how to use the specific software that the camcorder comes with. That is my homework for this week. I really enjoy the visits to the Mayflower as I feel like we become closer and closer to the Greatwood’s every visit.

More than just Tech Help – Grace Marshall

When I first visited the Mayflower in August I was elated and enthusiastic about working with the Greatwood’s, and today, in October, I am still just as excited. Mr. and Mrs. Greatwood have made my Wednesdays exceptional and visiting them is a highlight of my week every time. I am so lucky to have gotten paired with them, as I feel not only do we work well together but I feel as though they would agree. On the first visit, Mrs. Greatwood gave me a tour of the Mayflower facility and showed me everything that it holds inside for its residents. While she showed me around, we talked about what she wanted my help with, and it really was just a list of things that she and her husband, Mr.Greatwood, both needed. I have worked with them on how to use and upload a camcorder, how to open your email from the internet, and how to create graphics using Microsoft Word.
In all these tasks I saw an unexpected difficulty. For example, when showing Mrs.Greatwood how to create graphics, I managed to forget myself and I had to google how to before I got there. This challenge was also seen when Mr.Greatwood wanted me to show him how to print from his phone. I had no idea how to do that and I had to Google it to figure it out.
Both of these instances actually happened on my last trip to the Mayflower. Working through these questions and issues with the Greatwood’s has been beneficial to me more so than them. I really just enjoy spending time with them and teaching them about the computer, but also just talking to them about their daily lives . I just enjoy making conversation with them. In the future I hope that our trips to the Mayflower become more than just help with technology, but rather I hope that we have the opportunities to create relationships with the Greatwoods that goes beyond jus the academic purpose.

Mayflower trip three – Grace Marshall

This week when I arrived at the Mayflower, Mr. and Mrs. Greatwood wanted both Sami and me to work with them on how to go through uploading photographs of the camera. We did this the last time I was there, however, we never wrote it down so we had to go through it once more. I myself forgot how to do it, so as I was showing them how to do it I was improvising. It is really just interesting to see how older people typically believe that younger people have technology figured out, when in fact, we don’t. Mr. Greatwood has an HP Desktop and I do not have a clue how to navigate on those. It is really a work in progress trying to see if I can help them with what they are looking for. I have not run into anything too troublesome, but we will see if in the future they ask me something I struggle with.

Before we worked with the camcorder, I should mention that Sami and I helped Mr. Greatwood get involved with Facebook. He wants to use it to communicate with his children and so we were given the task of figuring out how to put together a group chat for him. I personally would have found it easier to create a new group with just his family, however, Sami pointed out that a group chat would be less confusing for Mr. Greatwood and much simpler. It is really beneficial to have Sami there as another eye, to see what I cannot see and what it best for Mr. and Mrs. Greatwood.

Next week I am working with Diane, and I am going to show her how to make greeting cards on the desktop. This is going to be so much fun because I have not done that in so long and I rarely use the computer for recreation these days. It is going to be refreshing trying to figure out how to do them and make them look nice.


Mayflower Experience Two – Grace Marshall

Today was my third trip to the Mayflower and it was just as excellent as the two prior. When I got there I walked straight up to the apartment and met Diane Greatwood and her husband for today’s session. Her husband, Mr. Dick Greatwood, was having trouble setting up his camcorder to his computer and transferring his pictures from it. I will say that this really was not my forte, considering my little sister had a video camera when we were younger and I couldn’t figure out how to work it for the life of me. After fiddling with Mr. Greatwood’s from about fifteen minutes, Sami, his assigned Rollins student, and I, figured out how to get it all working. This definitely was satisfying to finish because I really struggle in that area of technologies.

I feel as though today I realized that older people get a bad reputation with technology when young people do not necessarily know how to figure some things out either. I never really thought about how, in a way, we are all very similar. In this age of advancements, technology is always changing and it is up to everyone to learn how to use it. Sometimes it is even difficult to learn.

After we worked with the camcorder, Diane and I went to the living room in her apartment to work on the oral history interview. As we went through the questions I learned that all throughout her career in choral education, she never really used any technology other than when the overhead projector came into classrooms. This makes sense, yet it is hard to imagine going to class today and not having a computer or projection in the front of the class for the professor to use. However what Diane said that stuck out the most to me was that she did not really experience a large shift in technological use during her professional career. I found that odd because one thing that people always say about the change in technology is that it happened suddenly, and rapidly.

Grace Marshall Mayflower Post – 1

Today I began working with Diane Greatwood in our weekly sessions on Wednesdays to the Mayflower. When I got there we went up to her room and discussed the basis for the oral history interview that I have to conduct for my RCC: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. Diane was a choral teacher for elementary and middle school students most of her life, and then worked as a math teacher for some time after that. In our discussion about the oral history we talked about the change in technology over the course of the years in the teaching realm. She told me about the evolution of the blackboard and how that ended with the development of projectors and computers in the classroom. It was really interesting to listen to her, as I never think about how a small change like that can influence people in a place like the classroom. All throughout school my teachers had different sorts of gadgets that I had never really thought about until today.
After Diane and I discussed the oral history we went on to talk about the newspaper. She had asked me a question about what I do in some of my classes and I told her about my politics class in which I read the New York Times for everyday. This branched off into a discussion about bias in the news, and I thought that that tied in nicely with what we previously discussed in our RCC about the use of politics in the media, especially when talking about the Facebook article and Donald Trump. But after this conversation Diane wanted me to help her fix her email so that it would sync up with her phone. It ended up being an easy fix, as her Microsoft Office just wasn’t updated, but that wasn’t really the point. As I was doing this I realized that Diane really only uses her computer for her email and hasn’t really made an effort to see what all the Internet has to offer. I think this is funny, in my opinion, because it reminds me that sometimes people are very resistant to change because it doesn’t seem beneficial to them. This goes even outside of the technology realm.
All in all, my first trip to the Mayflower to see Diane was a success, because helping her out just a little made a big difference. I am so excited to spend my Wednesday mornings just talking to her and learning more about her because I really enjoy spending time with her.