Pre-Departure to London

As I prepare to depart to London, I have spent a considerable amount of time reflecting on the events that led me here. As a student who has only been abroad once, I have always been curious about different aspects of the world that I have yet to experience. My curiosity led me from a small town in Massachusetts to a city in Florida when I moved away for college, and now it is leading me from Florida to a different country. Regardless of where I have gone, I have found there is always so much more to learn than I can expect. This unknown has been the part of traveling that makes it become addicting. This summer, I lived with 10 students from Bulgaria and Russia who were working in the same town as me. During my time with them, I got a glimpse of the countless cultural differences and perspectives that I did not expect to come across, as well as surprising similarities regardless of the different lives we have lived. Having the opportunity to live with kids my age from different parts of the world and gain insight on the drastic differences each individual has experienced so far has made me even more eager to discover different parts of the world and different perspectives from others that I meet.

Most of the questions in the activities preparing myself and the other students going abroad were directed towards our identity and perspectives. However, I believe your identity is always changing similar to your perspectives on the world depending on your experiences. I hope to learn more about myself during this trip as I gain new experiences and I hope my current perspectives are challenged as I meet others and understand different perspectives. I know none of this is anything I can expect or prepare for, similar to the challenges and differences I faced while living with students from different parts of the world this summer, however I feel comfortable in the unknown of my upcoming trip and I look forward to all of the unpredictable experiences I will encounter.

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