One thought on “Scholarly Communication – Dr. Poole

  1. Lindsay i was struck by the porous nature of Dr. Poole’s process. We have already seen that the scholars we have interviewed have audiences inside and outside academe, but here your reveal that the subjects of Dr. Poole’s research also come from outside of scholarship — ordinary women involved in the environmental movement in Florida, archives of Garden Clubs, or collections boxes in attics. Furthermore her skills in this research were also developed not just in graduate school but also as a journalist. I was also struck by the differences between what Dr. Murdaugh focused on — that which is not known — and what Dr. Poole focused on; stuff that, “people hadn’t paid attention to.” This seems closer to Dr. DiQuattro.
    Again, we see issues of interdisciplinarity or transdisciplinarity in her discussion of “bridging the gap” and the relatively new discipline of environmental history.

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