One thought on “Scholarly Communication Interview with Dr. McLaren

  1. Alia, another really interesting interview. This time with a far more senior scholar. A number of things stood out to me. Dr. McLaren talked about the “norms” in her field for single author works. this is very different from the sciences and many of the social sciences. I was also struck by her motivation. She works all the time because, “I like it.” This is her passion, a vocation, not merely work she does for pay. The issue of audience also came up here as well as in Joy and Morgan’s interviews. Dr. McLaren also has a non-scholarly audience interested in public policy, development, and advocacy around the roles of women in society. I think you also noticed her particular research process, “I follow the trail.” She comes across an author she is interested in (via conferences, conversation, reading, or via scholarly publishers book catalogues), reads all of that person’s work, finds more interesting works in their lists of references, and reads those, and so on. It is an organic way of growing a reading list, and she was somewhat dismissive (and defensive, “I have no clue”) of what she called “citation indexes” although she made use of online fulltext aggregators of scholarly journals like JSTOR and Project Muse. This was quite different from the methods used by the scientists.

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