One thought on “Dr. Marianne DiQuattro’s Scholarly Communication

  1. Kalli

    I enjoyed listening to your interview with Professor DiQuattros. I few things that struck me and that you might want to explore further in your research paper include the impact of digital video/audio recordings of performances and of social media on our understanding of audience and critical responses to performance; her characterization of academic attention and focus in terms of “herds” and “fads”; the technological changes in libraries and archives that she relies on; and role of particular library collections in her field (for instance, although she did not mention it, and her personal lack of interest in status and hierarchy. I was also struck by how she connected the interview to her personal library, in real time, and had a mental ‘geography’ of her library and its relationship to her colleagues, and students. Finally, do you think she is right when she says that all she needs is a book, a pen, and pad of paper?

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