One thought on “Scholarly Communication Interview Biophysicist Dr. Murdaugh

  1. Camille, fascinating to listen to this after listening to Dr. DiQuattro’s interview. I am struck by the impact of working at, being attracted to working at, a liberal arts college. Things you might want to explore in your research paper include: the interdisciplinarity of Dr. Murdaugh’s work — who she collaborates with, where she publishes, what bodies of knowledge she needs to understand to work in those intersections, where she sees here professional identity (Biophysical Society, Bio Interphase (“that is who I am .”). The concept of the “scoop” was interesting, she brought that up a couple of times. Also that there was more money in industry, but that research could be funded from a variety of sources — USDA, NIH, internally. Her reasons for doing research were also interesting — not just learning something new, but realizing what she did not know. Her vision of an open collaborative “live stream peer review” future was also interesting. Lots here to dig your teeth into if you are interested. One finally point; why is the question about importance ‘mean”? You are not the only one to think this.

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