Welcome Spring 2017 HON 300 Students.

I have used this blog for RCC courses in the past. In this course we will use it to preserve and make accessible the recordings of your scholarly communication interviews. here is the assignment:

Scholarly Communication Interview – choose a faculty member in the department in which you plan to major. Perhaps someone you have already taken a course with or someone whose research interest you. Ask permission to conduct and record an interview with this faculty member about their own scholarly communication practices. Be prepared to have to explain what you mean by “scholarly communication.” This is a term of art with which some faculty members might not be familiar. These interviews should last between 30-60 minutes. I don’t want a sound bite or a dissertation! In our class session on 1/24/17 we will develop a list of possible questions, although you are welcome to deviate from these questions. Record the interview using the voice recorder on your phone or on a device that you can borrow from the Olin Library. Be prepared to load the recording to our course blog. You will need to make sure that you have acquired the appropriate permissions from your interviewee. Interview files should be posted to our blog before 9 a.m. 2/2/17. Be ready to discuss your interview and conclusions in class on 2/2/17. This assignment will form 10% of your final grade.

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