Designing large format projects with Microsoft Publisher

Being a student at Rollins College unfortunately comes with a lot of work and projects. At Print Services, many students come with large orders that cannot be printed in the library and need a poster or other large item printed. Among these projects are student-faculty collaboration posters designed in Microsoft Publisher.

While Print Services has no problem printing large orders for students, there is a problem sometimes when the project is designed in publisher. A lot of times a student will design their poster on the standard 8.5 x 11″ standard size without realizing the changes that will occur. When the paper is stretched onto 24 x 36″ poster paper, all the graphics are ruined.

Good thing Publisher allows the adjustment of document sizes! Simply click on the Page Design tab and drop down the Size menu where a dropbox with several options shows up. Click on either the Page Setup or Create New Page Size option and increase the width and height of the document to 24 x 36″. Save the new size and now the perfect size for poster projects is in your computer forever.



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