Less is More: How Less Will Increase Reciprocity

A common misconception in the world is that doing more equals better results. Many times that is true. Hard work and hours spent on something will pay off, but sometimes it is quite the opposite. For example, when building your printable (brochure, flyer, etc.), “having a lower quantity allows more time to focus on quality; and also allows more time for connection through comments”¬†according to¬†tinybuddah.com,

The same philosophy can be applied to artistic concepts. Like the graph shown below, it starts out with a lot of aesthetic components like background images and colors. With too much visual stimulation, it takes away from the message that the graph is trying to convey. The minimalistic graph is easier on the eyes and much easier to understand and therefore a better, cleaner design.

Another way that the ‘less is more’ concept can be used is in web design. Here is an example of a bad website design and here is an example of good website design. The auto parts website is chock-full of images, texts, colors and menus while the Apple website is clean and simple to follow. Try different ideas of how ‘less is more’ can be applied to different aspects of your life. You may be surprised at what you will find!


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