3 Rules to Finding Success on Social Media


Do you ever wonder why your social media accounts aren’t reaching a wider audience? Do you wish you could gain more interaction? By following three simple rules, your social media presence could improve dramatically.

  1. Know Yourself and Your Followers

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Think of yourself as the face of a brand. What message do you want your brand to convey? Make sure your content is telling the right story. Once you’ve identified the story you want to tell, connect with people who want to hear it. It’s much more valuable to have a handful of followers who care than a thousand followers who don’t.

2. Interact With Your Followers


Don’t just push information out, engage your audience! Create posts that ask questions and encourage responses, share your followers’ posts, and always reply! It’s especially helpful to follow, share, and interact with influencers in your field – they may turn around and do the same for you.

3. Be Consistent and Track Your Progress
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Developing a loyal following requires consistent posting from your channels. Websites like Hootsuite and Buffer make this task easier by allowing you to manage your accounts, analyze which posts did better than others, and schedule posts. Research shows that you can improve your readership and interaction simply by scheduling your posts to go out at a different time.

Don’t forget to contact our Social Media Manager at Rollins, Lauren Kern (lkern@rollins.edu). She takes care of all things @RollinsCollege


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