Brazil 2014: Latin America.


This past Tuesday, October 15th the last set of qualifiers for the World Cup were played and more than 21 Countries secured their participation in Brazil. Among those 6 Latin American Countries: Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Honduras. These six Countries overcame what has been described as the most competitive qualifiers of the last  couple of decades, as many of the aforementioned Countries only managed to secure their ticket to Brazil on the last date.

The next phase of qualifiers has started, and  two more Latin American Countries are still in contention for participation in Brazil – Uruguay and Mexico. Both come from disappointing qualifying campaigns.  Uruguay after finishing 4th in last edition of the World Cup ( South Africa 2010), was expected (with Argentina) to be the sole dominants of the South American Qualifiers ( Conmebol Round-Robin); but instead suffered getting a spot in the play-off’s. Now they must face Jordan to determine their comeback to Brazil where they previously won the 1950s World Cup. Mexico, on the other hand, has never been considered a major team, but they have  always been expected to qualify. This campaign proved to be a disastrous one, more than two Head Coaches resigned after less than stellar results. In fact they were not supposed to be facing the play-offs, they failed to win their last Match against Costa Rica and only a late victory of the US against Panama saved them from missing out the World Cup altogether for the first time since Italy 1990. Now they must face New Zealand to determine their participation in Brazil. However without a Head Coach and little time to prepare, Mexico has a lot to overcome so as to regain the confidence of their players in order to secure their participation in Brazil.

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