Time is the condition,
the inherent volition
in which the experience
of subject and object
a priori and a posteriori,
(which is and exists)
lies through a space

The time came into being with the Big Bang,
or the world is in time,
and the time of the world,
shows that time is in the world,
otherwise recognize how the Big Bang came into being with the time

So I explode as a time-bomb,
and find artificial paradises,
and life gives me drunken thoughts,
and the piece of the puzzle enacts the road,
and I got a Lacanian psychosis,
by breaking from dreams rather than from reality

And in the kingdom of realia,
the subject asks:
What happened with time?
And the object answers:
Life happened, it just happened!
Subjective and objective
rational and experiential questions
are the ones found here

But answers turn us
into unique beings
whereupon false connections
ought to burn the bridges,
flood the streets,
flying through the deserted mountains,
and descend from the ether
to verstehen this

Believe in me,
because by creating your own world
(solipsist of false admirations)
you must go beyond the eyes,
with the help of your psyche,
before Shiva destroys the outside,
and your very own creations

Aber, ich bin not a solipsist,
come with me,
let’s go to the end of the foundation,
through our perceptual and conceptual vehicle,
by our induction and deduction,
our transcendental machine,
aesthetics, dialectics, analytics,
all of a sudden the slumber disappears,
because there wasn’t any slumber at all,
just illusion of one: an utterly completed synthesis

An inference of perspective,
a glimpse of regularity,
causation of habit,
and the only recurrence:
my faith in you

Camilo Garzon

About Camilo Garzon

Hello everyone! My name is Camilo Garzon and I was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. I came to the US after I was already 18 and spent some time traveling and working before I decided to come to college. I chose Rollins, and it has so far been one of the biggest rewards in my life. Currently I am a Junior majoring in both Philosophy and Religious Studies, I am also pursuing minors in both Russian Studies and Political Science and I plan to work in journalism, earn my doctoral degree in Philosophy, and write Literature. I have been very active and involved ever since I was in high-school in Colombian and international affairs. However, right now I am focused in serving as the President for the Rollins College Model of United Nations organization (Rollins College MUN), Vice President for LASA (Latin American Student Association) and many other responsibilities. I am very excited to serve this academic year as the Communication Student Coordinator of OMA. I am always interested in humanity, thus I enjoy connecting what I am continually learning in whichever way I can. Rollins College, and especially OMA, will be somewhere you will learn to call home and I sincerely hope I can help you with excellence in this endeavor.

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