A colorful journey!

The journey so far has been colored
with vivid images of life
and lives that thrive on
Namaste offerings
Prayerful hands

these mountains these rice fields these markets
Create colors
images i take with me that cannot capture the way our eyes
Squint in this sun
With blaring colors
Road smoke from tires
Saris blockading our travels
Stray dogs miraculously safe distance from
These colors

I want to remember this journey
i want to take my images and experiences
And make my home


FINALLY in Nepal

I cant believe I finally made it to Nepal! For a while I was doubting I would ever make it. I missed my original flight out of DC because my flight before that in Chicago was delayed for 5 hours! I was stuck in DC for 2 days trying to get on another flight to Kathmandu. Luckily my best friend lives in DC so i was able to spend some time with her.

When i arrived in Kathmandu KC was waiting for me at the airport and it was so nice to see a friendly face after traveling for so long. So far im really enjoying taking in everything in Nepal, and trust me, there is a LOT to see. It’s shocking to see the poverty and the culture. All the things I take for granted back home really make a big difference here, like understanding the language, AC and smooth, paved roads. So far those have been the biggest adjustments. But I’m slowly getting used to it, even though I’m a little behind the others in the group since theyve been here longer.

Im most excited to learn more about the culture and the religions, Hinduism and Buddhism that are prominent here. Oh and also find some amazing souvenirs for my friends and family!



Wow what a trip so far, right when I saw the mountains out of the window of the plane I knew this trip was going to be amazing. It was so good to see everyone when I got to our first spot. Dinner the first night was filled with delicious food and beautiful cultural dancing. Then the next day we visited a local school that is the best school in all of Nepal. It was amazing to talk with some of the students about applying for college, the drive of those kids is amazing. Also as lovely as the school was it was still not as high tech as it should have been which just shows the difference between American schools and this school in Nepal. Seeing all of the people in the town just opening their shops was beautiful. we also met with the SHF who we’ll be partnering with for our health camp. The next day we went up to the mountains and stayed in the most beautiful hotel i’ve ever seen. Gahhhhh I wish I could explain all of the wonderful things we have done, but there is too much. Leaving for Doti tomorrow and can’t wait to see a different side of Nepal other than the big city and start our service!!!!!

The Journey Starts in Kathmandu, July 22, 2012!

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