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What is life.

Thus far, Nepal has been amazing. And by amazing I mean it’s completely inspiring and devastating and beautiful and filled with opportunity.

Before I got to Nepal I was in Delhi, India for about 5 days. Everything in Delhi was new and bright and thrilling—especially the driving! Oh my, and it’s the same in Nepal—maybe worse, but at the same time entirely invigorating.  I have to admit that I think I like Kathmandu better than I liked Delhi; the people are nicer and despite the terrible pollution in the city, I just like the environment more.

Anyway, yesterday we traveled to Nargarkot which is up in the hills—Adi and Kc insist that they are hills, but they are seriously the size of small mountains. Unfortunately I suffer from terrible motion sickness whenever I am in a moving vehicle so I didn’t do too well with that bumpy bus ride. Luckily I had packed my Dramamine.

We stayed at a resort called Club Himalayan and it was nothing short of magical. This resort is known for having the most beautiful sunrises in Nepal because it’s so high up in the hills. So obviously we all received a 5am wake up call, only to find that there was too much fog to see anything. It was a nice place to stay before we depart on our journey to Doti tomorrow morning.

This afternoon we visited the ancient city of Baktapur. It’s one of the three original kingdoms of Nepal, it’s one of the holiest cities, and it’s considered the cultural capital of Nepal. It’s filled with temples—both Hindu and Buddhist. The religious atmosphere is almost a tangible entity here; considered a Hindu nation, Nepalese people can be found doing puja at any time of the day at any of the millions of tiny shrines all over the streets.

It’s just surreal to witness the history of Nepal first hand. The architecture is archaic but so well preserved. It almost disappoints me that the conditions of these thousand year old places are sometimes in better condition than some U.S. structures.

I can’t wait to see what the next 20 days or so will hold for our team.