A poem for our journey

Up at 530 we awoke to a moist sun

the light from behind the kathmandu buildings

stacked like Jenga pieces allowed just enough rays to peek through and help invigorate our bodies

We walked to our transportation
A public bus with people other than our own
And we drove
Drove for what seemed too long
Past breakfast
Past lunch
Past the rolling hills
We approached a barrier which our sole bodies had to carry our weight and cross the bridge on foot
Passing locals
Passing colors
Simple passing bodies
We reached pohkara and were lead by exploratory minds that lead us to see outside of our temporary home
We left with the sun waving us goodbye, the rays now hidden behind trees with generous roots.
Waving us a good nights sleep and a wish for another peaceful morning to come

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  1. Will Bowen says:

    Beautiful verse…amazing adventure

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