Leaving Doti…

Today we left Doti, Nepal.

This is a far west village in Nepal that is very isolated from urban life and struggles to maintain their rural, traditional ways in a technologically advanced world. We left a village that needed so much more help than we could give in one week’s worth. I ran along with Hannah the art sessions in our camp for the children at Balmadir School.

Art is something that I feel can always be a direct connection to any people, especially when language is a barrier. You give kids paper and pencils and they create.

It was interesting to see something like a flower (“fool” in Nepali) being drawn. They draw completely different flowers from the children their age in America because they see completely different flowers everyday and interpret a completely different world. This world was interesting to see transcribed onto paper and the various crafts we gave them to fill the class sessions. The children were always excited to draw or to make the masks and paper flowers we set out for them.

The teachers were also wonderful to work with because they loved seeing the communication without words and the success and positive aura it brought. They were very enthusiastic about their jobs and worked wonders with the children, who loved them in return. I loved the teachers as well, I co-gave a shawl to a teacher with Sarah that we purchased in a market near Kathmandu. They were very grateful!

The children, due to the teacher’s love and attention were easy to work with; very well behaved and respectful of their elders and anyone in an authoritative position. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with them and always left the day craving the next.

Doti was a place I will never forget. Out of all of the days we have had in this trip so far, Doti was the most illuminating one. I think I am more humble, especially coming from a place where when I flip the light switch on, I know the light will come on. In Doti, this was not the case. Something that to me, seems like a simple treasure.

I am happy to be headed back to an urban place, however. Coming from America, it is hard to be without things I am used to- constant electricity, clean water, clean air, and easy travel. I always know I have Doti as a place I can spend time in where I will feel welcome and know that I can help in any way. I hope I do not seem selfish but I have been humbled immensely by this trip and by this place (as I know we all have).

I will live in a different America. I will live in a place that I will no longer allow myself to have things I do not need. I will become alive again in the place that gives me so much, yet made me realize how much I was missing.

Thank you Doti for being the place where I could find my missing piece and thank you MLB doctors and Rollins community for making that happen.


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