Project Mosaic: Witness

Developed as a vehicle to expose Rollins students to the complexity linked to the Africa and African-American experience, Project Mosaic fosters a synergistic dialogue among faculty regardless of academic discipline. By including a module linked to Project Mosaic’s orienting theme, participating faculty have the opportunity to achieve greater depth within the disciplinary core of their course, while highlighting a link to the African Diaspora. By incorporating a thematic focus across disciplines, Project Mosaic adopts a model inspired by Rollins’ mission to educate students to be global citizens and responsible leaders. Our ultimate goal is to provide students with the tools to understand the complexity of the African Diaspora in a global context.

During the Spring 2013 semester, Project Mosaic: WITNESS asked participating faculty to incorporate an assignment that considers the impact of narrative in creating our world.  The stories we tell act as powerful tools to orient people and institutions.  For years the canonical record has provided stories of systemic disorder linked to the Africa Diaspora, yet in recent times narratives reflecting individual and communal betterment have emerged to bring a multidimensional vision to the black experience.  Incorporating loss voices clarifies events, uncovers hidden stories, and energizes marginalize people facilitating their engagement with the broader world.  Project Mosaic: WITNESS is motivated by an understanding that the stories we tell ourselves help us value the past, appraise the present, and construct a vision for the future.