Muslims in Western Politics

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POL 306 Muslims in Western Politics

This course explores the characteristics of Muslim populations and their role in politics in the U.S. and three West European countries from a comparative perspective.

About Eren Tatari

Eren Tatari teaches courses in comparative politics, Middle East Politics, Muslims in Western Politics, and research methods. Her teaching and research focuses on ethnic and religious minorities in the U.S. and Western Europe (particularly Muslims and Arab Americans), Middle East politics, democratic theory and minority rights, politics and religion, women in Islam, gender politics, and intersectionality.  Her recent publications include: “The Politics of Representation in Arab Detroit: Explaining Minority Underrepresented in High Concentration Localities” with A. Sinno, in Target of Opportunity: Arab Detroit in the Terror Decade, edited by N. Abraham, S. Howell, and A. Shryock (forthcoming),  “Muslims in UK Institutions: Effective Representation or Tokenism?” with A. Sinno, in Muslims in Western Politics, edited by A. Sinno, “Theories of State Accommodation of Islamic Religious Practices in Western Europe” Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, “Institutional Constraints on Effective Minority Representation” European Journal of Economics and Political Studies, forthcoming. Tatari received her Ph.D. from Indiana University and her M.A. from Purdue University. She received a B.A. from Franklin and Marshall College in government and economics.


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POL306: Islamophobia in America

Islamophobia in America

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POL 306 – Combatting Islamophobia

Combatting Islamophobia

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POL 306: Muslim Integration into American Society Policy Brief

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Muslims in the West: Islamophobia

Islamophobia final

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