The address by Martin Luther King III on November 15th offers the campus community a unique opportunity to reflect on the struggle for equality and justice.  The Africa and African-American Studies program is seeking student compositions that engage with the King legacy.   Our goal is to collect 100-word prose compositions that reflect on the struggle for dignity symbolize by Martin Luther King.    The best composition submitted by students will be incorporated into the Conversation with Students event at Knowles Memorial Chapel.

Man of Principle

Dr. Martin Luther King served as an honest eye on the racial and discriminatory acts running through society then and now. I believe all societies need people like Dr. Martin Luther King, who would tell you how it is. He lived with the clarity of a man who   understood morals and ethics and could not […]

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Civil Rights Continue Presently

I have moved around the country for the majority of my life, most recently hailing from Washington S[...]

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Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. had a large impact on me. There are still certain places in my hometown where[...]

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