Edit Media Information


If you have made an error, or otherwise wish to modify the title, tags, or description of a piece of media.

  1. On the home screen, navigate to the media you wish to modify and press the arrow to the right.
    MARA Home - Media Example wArrow
  2. Press the pencil icon at the top left.
    MARA Buttons - Edit
  3. Enter a title for the media and press Return on the keyboard.
    MARA Capture - Enter TitleMARA Capture - Return
  4. Enter search tags for the media, separated by commas, and press Return on the keyboard.
    • Search tags are generally single words that may help you and others find media pertaining to a specific subject.
      Ex. : For a picture of a bird, you may enter “bird, wildlife, nature”
  5. Enter a short description for the media. You may use multiple lines for the description by clicking the return button.
    When you are finished entering the description, click the black forward button to the right in the text field.
    MARA Capture - Finish
  6. Press the check mark at the top left (where the pencil was before).
    MARA Capture - Continue

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