Configure MARA Settings


On your first time using MARA, or if you are publishing to a different website than first configured, you must first configure the settings. This will allow MARA to communicate with your organization’s/institution’s media hosting website.

  1.  At the home screen, touch the gear at the top left corner.
    MARA Home - Settings
  2. Touch Import at the top right corner.
    MARA Settings - Import
  3. A number of options will appear onscreen. Choose the option relevant to your organization.
    MARA Import - Sample OptionsJust a sample of the options that may appear onscreen.
  4. The option you choose will fill the blank boxes with information automatically. However, depending on your organization, you may have to fill in additional fields manually.
    • For Rollins students, you must complete FTP Username manually. Replace YOUR_FOX_ID with your Fox ID (your e-mail address without the
      MARA Import - Username
    • Most options will require you to provide the FTP Password. Your organization will supply this password. For Rollins students, this is simply your Fox ID password.
      MARA Import - Password
  5. Touch the back button at the top left when you are finished. You will be able to re-import and/or change these settings if you need to later.
    MARA Buttons - Back

These settings will allow MARA to connect to the correct blog site to publish your media.


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