Capture Media


After your settings have been configured, you are ready to start capturing media. You have the option of taking still photos, filming videos with audio, or recording just audio.

  1. At the bottom of the home screen, press the icon for the media of your choosing.
    MARA Home - Media TypesFrom left to right: Photos, Video Recordings, Audio Recordings
  2. Press the create button at the top right corner.
    MARA Home - Compose

    • If this is your first time using MARA, you must allow it to access your location before you can capture any media. Press Allow when prompted.
      MARA - Allow Notice
  3. You will see a sample page that shows you the layout of whichever media page you have chosen. To begin,press the pulsing button at the top center (this button will match the button you clicked in step 1).
    MARA Capture - Start Capture

    • Important: MARA’s photographing and video capturing works best when capturing in landscape (holding the device horizontally).
  4. From here, depending on which media type you chose, you can take a picture or start/stop/preview your recording. If you aren’t satisfied with your recording, you can press the retake button at the bottom left corner.
    MARA Capture - RestartWhen you are satisfied, press the continue button at the bottom right corner.
    MARA Capture - Continue
  5. Enter a title for the media and press Return on the keyboard.
    MARA Capture - Enter TitleMARA Capture - Return
  6. Enter search tags for the media, separated by commas, and press Return on the keyboard.
    • Search tags are generally single words that may help you and others find media pertaining to a specific subject.
      Ex. : For a picture of a bird, you may enter “bird, wildlife, nature”
  7. Enter a short description for the media. You may use multiple lines for the description by clicking the return button.
    When you are finished entering the description, click the black forward button to the right in the text field.
    MARA Capture - Finish
  8. Press the save button at the top right corner to save the media to your library.
    MARA Capture - Save
  9. You will be returned to the home screen and your saved media will appear in the library of that media’s type (photo/video/audio).
    MARA Home - Media Example

Please note that at this point the media has been saved only to your library. It does not yet exist on your organization’s website.


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