German Summit

We are getting together, on May 19th from 10.30am – 3pm to plan the future of German and its connections to German business organizations, universities, internships, scholarship money etc.

Most importantly though, let’s celebrate  our colleges that are retiring or have recently retired: 

Dawn Wirbel, Peggy Boekhout, Hal Rennert and Annemarie Schoenemann

We also want to honor  Michelle M. Miller, who taught in Bolles Highschool in Jacksonville, and whose program is being closed due to budget cuts. Further bad news, we were just notified that Freedom Highschool in Hillsborough County will close it’s German program as well.

Its important to come together at times like this. I know every single one of you is hard at work to keep German alive, and we need to support each other, as best we can.