Die Bremerstadtmusikanten im Unterricht

A Reading the basic story together
1. Simplified version of the story The vocabulary used in the following exercises are based on the vocabulary of this story line.

2. Picture story in the power point format, to walk the students through the story line in class anew – as part of a past homework assignment, or a newly introduction of the material.

B Reinforce new vocabulary and content

1. Solve the puzzle below by clicking on it.

2. The Bremerstadtmusikanten have gotten out of order. Reorganize the story by clicking on it.

3. Matching: Who belongs to whom? and Who does what? Drag the matching items to each other.

4. Crossword puzzle with the Bremerstadtmusikanten Complete the crossword puzzle

5. Memory game with the Bremerstadtmusikanten vocabulary.
PDF Version des Bremerstadtmusikanten Memoryspiels