Go Live!

We have migrated to the new R-Search and updated the library website so that you will now be searching our new “discovery layer” (think of this as Google for libraries, one search box that enables you to search all of the library’s collection both print and online.)

We are now in the crowd sourcing phase of the migration when you get to have your say. We are excited to hear what you think. Please send your feedback and your questions to askolinlibrary@rollins.edu or to Your Librarian. As always, we are committed to connecting you to the information you need so if you cannot get an article, a journal, a book, or any information source you need, make sure you contact us as soon as possible. We will get you what you need and record the issue involved so that we can fix it as soon as possible.

We know of certain classes of issues that we are currently working on. Expect to see these be solved in the days and weeks ahead. This list was reviewed at 4 p.m. Thursday 8/17/15.

  1. We have turned off One Click access to article full text so that you will see all the various ways of accessing full text in the embedded window.
  2. Boolean operators (and, or, not) are working in both basic and advanced search.
  3. We are not yet satisfied with how users are able to identify  books etc. not owned by Rollins and then request such titles via interlibrary loan (ILL.) In the interim we encourage users to expand their search (see this function in the left hand filters.) If the title is still not found, repeat your search in WorldCat and request via ILL from there.
  4. The new system accurately represents over 90% of the full text access we have to all the databases and journals we have licensed, as well as 100% of our local book, DVD and other material collections. While you can find art images from ArtStor and classical music performances from the Classical Music Library in the system, the contents of some of our non-textual databases ( Naxos and Mango Languages, IBISWorld, PsycTHERAPY and a few others) cannot be found in the system and most of the contents of a couple of our full text article databases (Lat-Am Studies Full Text Online and Asia Studies Humanities) can also not be found in the system. For these resources we encourage you to refer to our list of databases to search these databases individually. As noted above, let us know if you can’t access something.
  5. Over the summer we conducted usability testing to see if the user interface makes sense to you, our users, and we have made changes based on that testing. We will repeat the testing in the Spring semester to test those changes and other functions of the system. in the meantime we encourage you to contact us with feedback and suggestions.
  6. Mendeley users can export records from R-search to their Mendeley account using the RIS format.
  7.  E-mail notices alerting users that a hold is available or that they have cancelled a hold are working. We continue to review fine, and lost item e-mail notices. During this period, we will forgive all fees and fines incurred because of the lack of a notice.
  8. The e-mail notice of new books is also being reviewed. In the meantime book requestors are receiving a personalized notice from staff.
  9. We have begun importing the most current user information from Banner. If you see problems with your personal information, please let us know immediately.
  10. All links in our website have been updated to point to the new system. Librarians have been working on research guides over the summer and most are now up to date. If you find broken link, contact the librarian profiled on the guide.

Expect this list to change so check back frequently. As always, please contact us with questions and comments.