Find it, read it, leave it.

Jen with first book

Jen with first book

Our friend Jen Atwell has come up with a great idea to celebrate reading on campus. Based on similar campaigns in Washington DC and London, Jen thought why not on campus?

Calling it BookBooks at Rollins stickers at Rollins, once per month over the course of the Spring semester we will choose a book related to a campus event and leave ten copies of the book at random spots around campus. If you see one, pick it up and read a bit. Perhaps it grabs your attention, so take it with you to read. Once you are finished, leave it somewhere on campus for someone else to pick up and read.

But before you do, make sure you leave a photo on your favorite social network and use the hashtags #BooksatRollins and #RollinsCollege.

Copies of the first book, Dr. Martin Luther King’s Where Do We Go From Here, timed to coincide with the campus MLK Week events, are already out and about on campus.

Find it. Read it. Leave it.

Get ready for our second annual Banned Books Read-Out!

Harry Potter…The Bluest Eye…The Holy Bible…Fun Home…  What do these books have in common?  They’ve all made the American Library Association’s list of frequently challenged books.  Chances are, many of your favorite books have made the list.  Banning and challenging books has a long and sordid history, and the practice continues today.  Every year, there are hundreds of attempts to remove books from the shelves of bookstores, libraries, and schools.  Don’t close the book on your freedom to read!  Fight censorship by reading from your favorite banned or challenged book during Rollins College’s second annual Banned Books Read-Out, Wednesday, September 28th from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the Olin Library front lawn.  You’ll get a voucher for a free coffee or tea from the Bookmark Cafe if you read, or just stop by and support others and enjoy lemonade, cookies, and pizza.  Visit Olin Library for more information on Banned Books Week 2016.  We’ll see you there!

Share and Save Your Rollins Memories!

In honor of American Archives Month (October), the Rollins College Archive has created an online portal for all members of the Rollins community to share their favorite Rollins memories. Visit Rollins Reminiscences  on the College archives’ website to share your stories, quotes, advice, photos, and other Rollins remembrances during the month of October.  All submissions will be collected and preserved by the College archives for future generations of Tars to learn from and enjoy.  So share your story today!

Lucy Cross Center Digital Display

campaign2The Olin Library has partnered with the Lucy Cross Center to promote awareness of their anti-catcalling campaign.  Last week, members of the campus community created posters addressing the topic of street harassment on and off campus.  A selection of the posters are on display on the plasma screen on the library loggia.

If you’d like to see your content on the library plasma screen, you can contact Susan Montgomery, our Outreach Librarian, and Paul Gindlesperger, our Digital Services Specialist.