Hey guys,

It has been a hot minute but here I am to say I did in fact get home sick and I did in fact survive. What I may not survive is not wanting to leave my study abroad country but we’ll get to that later.

First of all I’m going to give you a home sickness survival starter pack because this is really what helped me get through it.

Before anything else, schedule times to call your friends from back home. Yes we know you love your new friends in this new country, yes we know that you talk to your parents but talking to your best friends back home and having them be in the loop in your life abroad really just hits differently. And this is really a two way street — you’ll have a lot less fear of missing out if you feel like you know the details of what’s going on in your friends’ lives.

Learn how to cook a dish that your mom makes. I’m being serious this saved me from all abroad sadness.
When you’re stressed or sad or missing home, usually back in the states things like a home cooked meal are much, much more accessible than when you’re living in a completely different country.
For me, after daylights savings time occurred and it started getting dark at literally 4pm I started to feel a little down and needed something cozy and homey. So I texted my grandma and asked her what the ingredients were for this soup that she makes that literally always makes me feel like the epitome of fall and being at home and all things wonderful. I set out to buy my ingredients ( almost lost my mind at the fact that there is no cilantro in England) and spent four hours making this soup. Yes it wasn’t made by my grandma but I FaceTimed her as I ate it and for the time being it was good enough.

Finally, allow yourself to rest. I know you’re somewhere new for a short amount of time but not giving yourself resting time can lead to burn out. With my internship, classes and just life in general if I didn’t take some alone time once in awhile or just sit in my room and watch netflix like I do at home I feel like I would feel much less at home and super tired.

As for not wanting to leave, still mad about it but I’ll be back.



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