Wow, what an amazing five months I have experienced. I have just landed in Orlando, and what I am feeling is unexplainable. I am happy that I am home with my family, but part of me remains saddened that I have left such a beautiful continent. This experience has been very life changing in many different ways. Through this trip I am more independent, have found myself as an individual and even learned how to cook meals besides pasta! Being in a new and different environment that is on the other side of the word is definitely out of my comfort zone. But it has forced me to grow. I was forced to interact with new people. I am grateful for this because I know have friendships with people all over the world that I know will last forever. Being in a new academic environment has also pushed be open minded educationally. I have learned new things outside of the American education system as was able to grow empathy and compassion for other people’s histories. Being in another country really humble’s our Americentric views and make us realize that we are not the most important nor the only country on the Earth.

My favorite part Australia was definitely the beaches. After seeing how beautiful these beaches I’m not sure how I will be able to enjoy a Florida beaches again! There are no words to describe the breath taking views that these beaches give. I will miss beach days after class the absolute most! Those memories will be there with me forever.

Although I am very sad to have left Australia, I am excited to be reconnected with my family and friends. It has been a biter-sweet time abroad, between trying to enjoy my time abroad while also missing home. Now it is time to prepare for my time back at Rollins. I am more than excited to be back to the school that I call home. This it not goodbye forever to Australia though. I definitely want to come back with my friends and family and share with them the beautiful experience that I had on my fall 2019 study abroad trip to Newcastle, Australia.

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