As my last week in Buenos Aires begins, I have been reflecting about what I will bring home from this experience- both items that I will choose to take and lessons that I will bring with me.

I have accumulated an impressive amount of stuff during my time here, definitely way too much to fit in my 2 checked bags and carry on. Luckily, ISA (my study abroad program) has a donation system where you can donate clothes, books, etc. at the office and they will distribute the items to charities. So far I am donating the winter jacket I bought here (and only wore for about a week- winters here in Buenos Aires are not very harsh), and some shoes that I bought at home for the experience and never got around to wearing them. I am glad to know that the items will not become waste and will hopefully be used by someone who needs them. I hope that future students also remain mindful of where the items that they won’t be bringing home are going!

What I will bring with me are the memories and friendships that I have created here. I know that I will be returning home with more knowledge about myself and the world. This experience hasn’t been all easy, but I don’t regret my decision to break out of my comfort zone and live in another area of the world.

While I am excited to return home, I am not excited for the readjustment period. Even so, I am confident that studying abroad has made me more adaptable, so the challenge is not an insurmountable one. I will miss my second home in Buenos Aires.


City at dusk from my balcony


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