It has been a month in Rome. I have been living with 5 roommates which I get along with very well. This month has been very cool, I have visited all the the historic monuments in Rome which are extraordinary. My life style has changed a bit from what I’m used to, I have a 25 minute walk everyday to get to school and a 25 minute walk back from school, this is something that I wasn’t used to and that I found was very annoying at the beginning since I have 4 sets of stairs to go through to get to school but with time I got used to it and I now walk to go everywhere, i even walk to go to the center of the city which is 40 minutes away, walking.  At the beginning of the month I went on a school field trip to a vineyard and tasted all the wines they would produce and I also got an explanation of how everything was grown, I really enjoyed that. In the middle of the month me and my roommates decided to go to Cinque-Terre which was something I really wanted to do during my study abroad here. That weekend was amazing, we hiked through the mountains to obtain panoramic views and the next day we rented out a little boat that took us to see all the most beautiful spots in Cinque-Terre. The best thing of the trip was the food, I tasted all sorts of local sea food dishes which were freshly caught that day. Towards the end of the month of September I went on a weekend school trip to Sorrento, Pompeii and Capri. The places we visited were amazing and I had a lot of fun. The first day I walked around Sorrento with my roommates and other friends, the second day we rented out little boats that go around capri, and the third day we visited Pompeii which was great. I also took the time to try different local meals and which were a super good. I can’t wait to keep visiting places through Italy with my roommates.

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