For this blog post I’m going to take you through my daily routine when I have classes on Mondays.
These tend to be my busier days because its when I have more than one class and I’m not at my internship for the majority of my time.

Every Monday morning I tend to get up on the earlier side at around seven a.m. but I don’t realistically get out of bed until about 7:20. I let my roommate get up first and jump start her morning routine before I begin mine. It’s been really convenient that we have two bathrooms downstairs just for the two of us so we can be efficient when getting ready in the morning before classes and work. While I do my morning routine I have two eggs boiling for breakfast. By the time I finish the basics of my leisurely morning its about 7:45 so I have some time to scroll through my phone before getting ready. While my class doesn’t start until 9:30 I like to leave my flat at 8:30 just in case the underground has any delays so that I’m not late. It’s also a great excuse to grab a coffee at Pret- a-Manger when I have some extra time.

My first class on Mondays is my International Economics class. This class takes the longest to go by but once its done I have about five hours till my next class to run some errands. Mondays are the days that I like to do my grocery shopping because it’s much less crowded than when I would go during the weekend.
After leaving class I take the tube back to my flat and then grab some reusable shopping bags. I then walk to the nearest Waitrose which is my preferred grocery store and shop for the basics that I’ll need during the week.

After I come back and make some lunch I catch up on any work that I need to have done before my internship class later that day or for my class 0n Tuesday. If I’m lucky I don’t have any work that needs wrapping up and I take a short nap before I have to leave.

At around 5pm I get on the tube again and make my way to my internship class which begins at 6. Before this class I like to grab a croissant at the train station and I like to listen to my favorite podcasts because usually my friends are already at the CAPA center and I’m riding alone. My internship course is super entertaining and helpful and finishes fairly quickly at about 7:30.

After this class is over I head home with my roommate, make dinner and call my grandparents before calling it a night.

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