Hi Letters of America,


I am back at Rollins and wow what a time it was. I got back about a week ago and I am already starting classes for my senior year! Times does fly by when you are having fun! I turned in all my assignments for LMU on August 15th and now I have a quiz on Wednesday.  Even though it has been less than two weeks since I’ve been back, I am loving a lot of it and there are certain aspects that are a bit shocking. For example, today someone asked me where room 123 was and I told her to go up the stairs and it should be there but it was not because here 123 is on the ground floor and in Germany that would have been 1 flight of stairs. I was really confused for a moment but I just have to get used to it again. At the same time, it feels like I never left! My friends are still the same, we still get Tarpotle for lunch and I am so excited for all of my classes. I think the classes that Rollins has to offer are so interesting that coming back to cool classes is a positive thing.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time in Germany and I would have stayed if possible. I know it sounds scary but this program has a full year version that students should be aware of. Munich is a city where I would go back and live there tomorrow. So now, I have to finish off this year and I can make that happen! Also, if you have never experienced city life, going abroad during college is perfect because you are there for a limited amount of time and most things are already taken care of, such as housing, schooling, etc. Go study abroad because it will show you so much about everything, you’ll discover new places, meet new people and find out so many things about yourself! Go and have fun somewhere else and explore!

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