Having a week left in Munich is surreal! The time went by so fast and now I am worrying about exams/ papers and moving out. I am excited to finish because who likes finals week but at the same time, I am sad to leave this life behind. I really enjoyed my time in Munich and I’ve made good friends and incredible memories. I wish that we had a week extra at the end of the semester to be able to enjoy the city once again without the stressor of exams and packing so quickly.

I have my return ticket for the 15th of August and before I will be traveling. I decided to stay longer and travel at the end instead of traveling throughout the semester. I wanted to be able to fully immerse in Munich so I spent most of my weekends here. I really enjoyed all the art Munich has to offer and we went on many hiking trips. Also, state museums are free or 1 Euro on Sundays and you always get student discounts. Awesome, right? There are also a lot of fun clubs that my friends and I went too, some of my favorites are Neuraum and Pacha. I also love techno music so it was really fun to be here because that is all Germans listen too!

For my travels, I am going to Budapest, Istanbul, Venice, Barcelona, Madrid, and Lisbon and then finally back to the USA. I am super excited to go to these places because I have never been and I am meeting my sister halfway so we get to have some time together before she goes off to college. It sounds like a lot of places and it is but realistically I was able to manage and it did not end up being too expensive.

My German has definitely gotten better but I still do not know 100%. I think that happened because the program is an American one and all the people in the program speak English and that is pretty much your circle of friends. If you aren’t taking classes in the LMU, it is hard to make German friends and speak it every day. Also, all of our social media is still in English and we watch shows in English as well.

I think I am definitely coming back here and spending a longer amount of time to not only try to improve my german noch ein mal but also to enjoy this beautiful city and country! Tschuss!!!!

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