Studying and working abroad in Spain has been an amazing experience. Besides going to the Don Quijote Academy to learn Spanish and working at IFEMA, I have participated in several cultural activities that have expanded my knowledge of the Spanish people and their culture. One of my favorite cultural activities was visiting the town of Segovia. Segovia is a beautiful Spanish town, about an hour from Madrid. In Segovia, you can see the impressive ancient Roman aqueduct which was built during the first century AD. However, my favorite monument in Segovia was the castle, which is called the Alcazar of Segovia. It is a beautiful castle which was home to several important Spanish Monarchs. The Alcazar of Segovia was even the inspiration for Disney´s Cinderella’s Castle. I thought this to be ironic since we are all visiting from Orlando Florida. Overall, Segovia was a beautiful town for us to visit. We learned about Spanish culture and history while enjoying Segovia´s scenic views.

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