A couple weekends ago, we all had the amazing opportunity to visit the small, rural town of Candelario. With only a population of a little over 900, this was truly a weekend excursion to relax and enjoy the beautiful landscape.  While not knowing much about this small town before visiting, I quickly fell in love with it and its amazing views. During this weekend, we also took a day trip to Granadilla, an abandoned ghost town with equally spectacular views.  I greatly enjoyed walking through the town and seeing what was left over from the time it was inhabited. Lastly, on this trip, we also stopped at Salamanca, a city with beautiful architecture and a very cool school with lots of history. I really enjoyed seeing the intricate designs on the churches in the town while also exploring the school. Overall, this trip was easily one of my favorite events so far of being in Madrid and I look forward to exploring more in our last two weeks here. 

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