Prior to coming to Spain, I had never even heard of Candelario. The little town located in Salemanca was often mentioned by my host mother, as she talked of its history and beautiful sights. Even after the high praise my host mother gave the place, I did not see myself enjoying the place, until I arrived there. The tranquil little town sat comfortably in the valley with essentially a 360 degree view of mountains. In this picture, you can see the view from our room, which was photo worthy at all hours of the day. Additionally, learning about all of the rich history of the town, including its prosperity stemming from pigs and hogs. The details of the town were fascinating, including the gutters located on the side of every street, which served as a means to wash away all of the blood from the slaughtered pigs. Learning the history of the town only made walking around and staying in Candelario that much more interesting and enjoyable. I am very glad that this trip was required, as it proved to be a weekend that I learned a lot as well as enjoyed greatly.

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