One of my favorite things so far that we have done was our trip to Candelario. Candelario is a town located in the mountains of western Spain. We went there on our third weekend of the trip. It is a very beautiful town in the mountains. It was a nice escape from the city of Madrid. The second day there was, by far, my favorite. In the morning, we visited Granadilla, which has been an abandoned town since 1964. When we got back to Candelario, we ate lunch, and a group of us started to climb a mountain. We saw many beautiful views from the mountain overlooking the area. It took us over 4 hours to get to the point we had to turn around so we wouldn’t be up on the mountain after dark. When we were near the top of the mountain, I realized I lost my phone, and a group of us worked together and found it during our descent. When we were near the bottom of the mountain, we went by a stream with naturally flowing water and drank it. It was some of the best water I’ve had. This trip, along with the rest of the Spain trip, has been an unforgettable experience. If you are ever in Spain, I highly recommend going to Candelario!

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