I cannot believe four weeks studying in Spain has already passed. I have enjoyed my time so far embracing the Spanish culture through the food, weekend trips and learning about some of the country’s history. Having to choose just one experience proved to be an impossible feat, so I am going to share with you all an experience that encompasses all three: our day in Segovia. Segovia is a city is a town situated just an hour away from Madrid. The town is home to one of the oldest standing Roman aqueducts, constructed with two tiers and 167 arches! Also, within Segovia is the Alcázar de Segovia, which is a restored 12th century castle, we were able to receive a guided tour and learn more about the castle’s usage over the years. My favorite part of this visit was our lunch. We were able to eat “cochinillo,” which is a baby roast suckling pig, which is the food item that Segovia is famous for. If you are ever in Spain, I would definitely recommend Segovia as a place to have a day trip!

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