We have had many opportunities to do activities around Madrid as well as outside the city on weekend trips to Segovia and Candelario. Segovia was a breath of fresh air opposed to city life at the time.  The city is north of Madrid with a breathtaking castle and grand Roman aqueduct emitting heavy medieval influence. We began our day with a hike through the woods on the outskirts of the city and even into a hidden cave. We made our way into the city center where we explored and eventually arrived at the castle. The long journey up the tiny winding staircase to the top of the castle tower was more than worth it. My pictures look unreal! We ate a meal at a very nice restaurant serving the segovian specialty: suckling baby pig. I kept an open mind and tried the dish, however the tapas were much more my style. This has been one of my favorites parts of this trip to Spain because I appreciated experiencing another version of Spanish culture outside of Madrid.

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