One of my favorite cultural activities I have taken part of thus far is going to Buen Retiro Park. I found it really interesting to be living in a huge city and have such a large park located within it. Going to this park was a nice break from such a busy city such as Madrid and it also reminded me of home. Im from NY so seeing a park within the middle of a city reminded me of Central Park so that was pretty cool. What really surprised me about the park was how well maintained it was. Between the multitude of flowers and precise landscaping of the trees and bushes, i was able to not only appreciate the size of the park, but its visuals as well. Another part of the park that i thought was really cool was the small green lake it had in the center of it. Many people were taking small boats out and relaxing out on the water. Retiro Park was a very neat part of Madrid and I look forward to going back soon


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