The first cultural activity trip that we took as a whole group was to the small town of Segovia. It was an awesome experience. We took a bus to Segovia which was about a hour away from Madrid. When we first arrived, we got to the bottom of the town and had an amazing view of the Segovian Castle that was once a fortress as well as a palace for the Spanish Royalty during the medieval times. We then had a group lunch, where we ate baby pigs that are famous in the area. They were delicious. I had never had anything quite like it. They cooked the pigs in what was almost like a pizza oven. After the group lunch, we went up to the castle, and had a guided tour where we learned about the rich history that it offers. We then had free time to walk around the city of Segovia before we headed back to Madrid. All in all, it was a great day and definitely was my favorite cultural activity we had so far.

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