I loved it here the first month. After I realized that I was spending too much money going to places, eating out, and spending on alcohol, I really stopped a lot of it all together. I also made the relationship with my boyfriend exclusive, and now I’m thinking whats the point of going out clubbing? I’m only going to spend money on something that’ll give me hangovers. I spend a lot of time laying in bed not doing much now. Not good. I have to save up, but I also have to make the most out of my stay. Almost waiting for time to pass by so I can feel a little more productive and self-confident. I started getting into making cookies after I backed some for valentines day. My flatmates like them. That’s how I procrastinate or kill time. The grocery store here, ASDA is very cheap and as long as I make my own food, I can save up a lot.

I joined a couple of clubs. A volunteer organization, the LGBTQ+ society, Japan Society, Korean Culture Society. I paid to join these but not a lot of them do much. What I’m happy about is the friends I made in Ksoc (Korean culture society). I feel like I finally found a group of people who share the same interests as me and who meet regularly. They are willing to include me and get to know me. I guess I’m lucky I speak Japanese because many of them also like anime and want to learn Japanese from me. I went to one meeting by the LGBTQ+ society, and it was nice. Most of my friends here are in it, so we have a large group chat of which more than have are queer. The group chat is nice because we use it to coordinate trips and parties, inviting each other. On the other hand, I still haven;t made a super close friend who is local yet.

I talked to my flatmates but not a lot. They’re good people though. I like them. People here are calmer and quieter. I still feel like its very similar to Japan. But a lot more liberal. Probably a lot more liberal than Winter Park. I like that about being here. One thing I don’t like is how windy and gloomy it is. It gets dark very early and is often cloudy and gloomy.

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