I made friends during orientation week and walked a lot touring the city with them. I really like them. Many are international students, from Brazil, America, France, Colombia, China. Very open minded and liberal people. I’m planning to join clubs and societies because I probably should go and make local friends from London too. Endless things to do, shops to shop at, architecture to see, and parks to visit. The tube system here is very convenient, and it reminds me a lot of Japan. A much more healthier life style than what I had in Florida. It doesn’t rain here as much as people told me at all. In fact I haven’t had to use an umbrella at all since I arrived. My thick waterproof boots keep me warm but it really didn’t need to be waterproof. I feel like I could possibly live here in my future. I love how culturally diverse the people here are. A very heavy Muslim population in the Mile End area especially. A lot of Halal food; something my boyfriend would have appreciated a lot if he was here. My classes end on Thursdays and I have a three day weekend.

Now, what concerns me is the amount of things I have to do. Too few. No home work, no assignments, one lecture per week per module. I have so much time I feel so inefficient. I guess it leaves more time for me to go out and explore. I do go out and I do explore and I try to do that as much as possible. I think my goal is to make lots of friends and connections, explore as many places as possible. I asked my flatmates for some advice on places I should visit, and I now have a ongoing list of places I want to go to during my stay.

One thing I don’t like about this place is the sanitation. The showers and bathrooms are rather unclean. It gets cleaned once a week or so and a lot of dirty dishes left in the kitchen space. The shower water is too cold. I now only take showers once or twice a week as gross as that sounds. If I turn the heating knob, it burns my skin and if I turn the cold knob up, its freezing. Hopefully I’ll figure out how to adjust it. Same thing with the sink in my room. two separate faussit for hot and cold. That bothers me.

Other than that, I’m not home sick and I’m not lonely. I think I like it here.

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