” My house in Budapest, 

My hidden treasure chest

Golden grand piano

My beautiful Castillo

I’d leave it all


George Ezra’s song Budapest, one of my favorite songs, was playing throughout my head during my trip to Budapest two weekends ago (October 20-22). I, of course, had to do the obligatory Snapchat video while playing the song ;). I took my video while watching the sunset at one of the Danube River bridges, which connects the Buda and Pest sides.

This trip was perfect timing. It was a reward/celebration and something to look forward to while I had midterms during the week.

This was my first time traveling outside of Greece since arriving in Athens in August after visiting Germany and France. The weather was a bit chiller then Athens, but it was nice to experience for the weekend. It made me glad that I chose a warmer climate place. This Florida gal did get to experience a weekend of fall!!  It was gorgeous with the leaves all changing colors.

I went to Budapest with two of my roommates (Sarah and Hannah), Connor, one of her roommates (Joal) and a friend from Connor’s school (Karina). It was a great group to travel with. While in Budapest we stayed at a hostel called the Big Fish. It was a perfect location, right outside of the Jewish quarter and it was a quick walk to the main sights of Budapest.

On Friday, we arrived in Budapest in the afternoon, went to our hostel, and then went out to explore the city! I had a delicious and warm bowl of Goulash soup and after we went to watch the sunset at the river and then walked around from there.

On Saturday we took a free walking tour of the city. I would definitely recommended doing these where ever you go. I enjoyed hearing about the history of Budapest/Hungary and the different people who had ruled over  or occupy them. We spent the rest of the day walking around the city. It sure is a Budaful City 😉

It was a great weekend in Budapest, however, leaving Athens did make me miss Greece and its beautiful weather and the extremely kind and friendly people.


Until next time!

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