On a lot of things, actually. This blog, for starters, I haven’t updated in almost two weeks, almost an eternity, seeing that so much has happened. I met David Martin from “60 Minutes,” Emily Yoffe from Slate and The Atlantic, and Didi Schanche from NPR, Marty Barron from the Washington Post, and Dean Banquet from the New York Times; I SAW Senators Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders, and Lindsey Graham; I said HI to Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson (who responded with an “¡Hola!” of all things); and I strained my hip muscle at gymnastics practice doing too many cartwheels . . . . That last one was by far the worst thing that happened to me. For about a week, I barely could run, but now I’m almost 100 percent again, and feeling freer than a bald eagle on the Fourth of July.

At the Columbus Dispatch, I’ve written about all sorts of things, from South Korean washing machines and a congressional committee on NASA to the reauthorization of early detection of hearing loss in children and the dilemma that millions of Americans now face due to the Equifax breach.

But I swear, even though I’ve been caught up in all this new fangled politicking, I’m staying grounded by doing things I love and getting my ego taken down by friends and acquaintances. For one thing, I’ll never get away from my one journalism classmate’s vegan jokes (which, by the way, are hilarious); and singing at Mass—oh, man, singing at Mass—is one of the most nerve-wracking experiences of my young life. I’m not horrible, but let’s just say you wouldn’t catch me doing it without accompaniment.

What else? Tutoring at CentroNía with my student makes my weekend. I’ve tutored the kid only twice, and it amazes me what the kid picks. I went over phonetics and common and proper nouns with the kid’s barely batting an eye, and this kid’s supposed to have only a first grade reading level. Vocab holds him back, as do certain syllable combinations, but that’ll get better in time.

I got kind of lazy with Odyssey articles (CHLOE, I’M SORRY!), but I finally submitted my article about the interview with Bullet Journal’s inventor Ryder Carroll—look out for that arriving shortly. I’m going to the gym more often now, so I work off all the quinoa and potatoes I’ve been chowing down.

Sadly, I have to announce that I will no longer be rapping, drawing, or writing creatively under the name Michael Dulman. In today’s day and age, the things I post online could ruin any future I have in the public sector, so I guess people will never read or hear me on the rap stage. Then again, if Kanye 2020 is a thing, maybe I won’t have to throw away my shot.

I think these week-(give or take two)-in-review posts come off a lot better than the every-other-day posts. I don’t have to squeeze each day for a ton of interesting content, and viewing everything from a greater perspective feels more fun. Until next week!


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