I could never be a radio host. I love talking to people, but I hate arguing with them, and it seems that’s all people want to do today. Joe Madison hosts The Black Eagle on Sirius XM Radio, and as a political talk show geared toward black audiences in this time in our history, Mr. Madison’s callers can be . . . rude. He does what all good radio hosts do and screens his callers before letting them on the air, but it isn’t foolproof. Apparently, some people call in and spew nonsense so other people can use it to discredit the show. Because if someone hears a caller on the Joe Madison show using profanity or asking inappropriate questions, it quickly moves from “I heard someone on the Joe Madison show say” to “I heard Joe Madison say” . . . and there goes his credibility. You really put yourself out there as a public figure. No wonder they can be so high strung. Who could blame them when every move they make becomes the object of scrutiny for anyone with a radio antenna or smartphone—that is to say, everyone? Maybe I’ll think twice before considering a career in television. Thankfully, my folks say I have the perfect face for radio.

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