Wooh, and Yikes, and Wow, and (insert random, probably applicable emotion here).

Finally, I’m on my way to Greece.

Not my first flight, nor my first international flight, nor my first flight without my family, nor even my first flight to the Old World. However, it is my first trip to Greece in particular, the Mediterranean in general, and by myself overall.

First astounding self-revelation (take that bit with a twist of wry humor), I love flying (not surprising, done it all my life and no idea how many times), but I hate airports. Not the waiting part at the gate, not the checking in your bags part or the baggage claim area or even the cheesy (by which I mean tacky, although I did ask for the cheese sauce with my pretzels, so maybe more literal than I intended there) and opportunistic food stands. I mean finding my way around the airport. Awful. You’ld think they would have a standard layout or guidelines or something, so that a sleep-walking, half-brain-dead-tired passenger would be able to easily find where they need to go. But, no, nothing is simple, even when I’m awake and alert.

In any case, I still have several hours till my layover ends and the real overseas journey begins, so I have plenty of time to find where I need to be. In the meantime, I hope whoever’s reading this appreciates my efforts at being virtually social.

I’m looking forward to eating Greek, speaking Greek, and meeting Greece, as well as my roommates and the rest of my classmates later.

Question 1: Will this layover be as productive as I allowed for it to be? (I have more than a few small sewing projects in my bag[including a repair on the bag itself!], of course more than one crochet project, and some computer assignments to boot, although those will probably have to be set aside soon if I run out of wifi.)

Question 2: How long will it take for me to run into one of the other CYA students, or will one of them run into me first?

Question 3: What is the first food I will eat in Greece?

Join me next time for the answers to these questions and more! (But don’t hold your breath too hard, I’m notorious(at least in my own mind) for intending to post/write/communicate far more often than I actually end up doing.)

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