One of the classes that I took this semester was called Outdoor Education, and as the title suggests the class included bunch of field trips to the great outdoors.

The last trip was to the Blue Mountains, in which we stayed in cabins with a nice fireplace, and hiked for 3 days straight. I liked it so much that I decided to plan a camping trip with my roommates here at Urbanest Sydney central.

We all bought sleeping bags and tents, and went to the Blue Mountains, to the Perry’s lookdown camping sight. I got to say, we really did minimal planning for this trip and still managed to survive 2 nights in the mountains. I am thankful for PB&js, and most importantly tunaly-tunes (canned tuna).

One very interesting thing I learned in this trip is a special way to cook canned tuna, that is apparently used often by the Israeli army: (recipe below)

Step 1. Buy regular olive oil canned tuna
Step 2. Buy toilet paper & a lighter
Step 3. Put a folded square of toilet paper on the opened can of tuna, and soak it in oil
Step 4. Light the 4 corners of the tp on fire & let it burn till the fire dies (approx 10-13 mins)
Step 5. Enjoy a delicious meal of cooked tuna
(disclaimer: don’t try this at home if you want to avoid house fires)


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